1. My man Bill Clinton came to Bogota, Colombia to learn about @starkeyhearing  And to spend Valentines day with me. #whataguy 

  2. My FCP timeline is close to spelling out how I feel right now.

  3. Came across this on www.gitam.co.il and thought it was good. 

  4. Click the link to SoundCloud for an old-school recording:

    The udio

  5. US Soccer legend/great guy Landon Donovan came out to hang with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in the Philippines. 

  6. Beckham in the Philippines.

  7. Just touched down in Manila, Philippines. Always strange arriving in a new country, this is a picture of the first thing that caught my eye. 

  8. Young & Rubicam

  9. Short video blog from Haiti

  10. Repiblik Ayiti // Haiti