1. My FCP timeline is close to spelling out how I feel right now.

  2. Came across this on www.gitam.co.il and thought it was good. 

  3. Click the link to SoundCloud for an old-school recording:

    The udio

  4. US Soccer legend/great guy Landon Donovan came out to hang with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in the Philippines. 

  5. Beckham in the Philippines.

  6. Just touched down in Manila, Philippines. Always strange arriving in a new country, this is a picture of the first thing that caught my eye. 

  7. Young & Rubicam

  8. Short video blog from Haiti

  9. Repiblik Ayiti // Haiti 

  10. theatlanticvideo:

    Cambodia’s Reforestation Project Works to Reverse Decades of Damage

    The lush forest of Cambodia’s Koh Kong Province was destroyed when people fleeing the Khmer Rouge began living there, and now the Wildlife Alliance is working to regrow it. Filmmaker David P. Alexander talks about his adventures documenting the project in an interview with The Atlantic:

    Working at Wildlife Alliance has been both a fascinating journey, and a challenging one as well. Everyone here is passionate about their jobs, and as such the work often carries over into the nights and weekends.

    One time I was out searching for illegal loggers in the jungle, and I had a “seeing through the Matrix” moment. There I was, dripping sweat in the middle of the Cambodian rainforest, and I just realized that this is what all the “green” talk is about. You have people trying to cut down the forest, and you have people trying to protect it. It was great to see a concept as broad as preserving the environment reduced to eight guys on patrol in the jungle. 

    Another moment that stands out was when I found a Bamboo Viper sleeping in my bungalow. I read about the snake later and apparently your hand falls off if it bites you, or something crazy like that.

    Continued here.