1. Decided to show how I make my coffee every day.

  2. Alec Egan, Studio Visit

  3. Roadkill in Ethiopia.

  5. Sushi Night in Tel Aviv

  6. Cohen@Mushon Israeli Hip Hop at its finest. Title of track means “bad dreams”

  7. Stop Motion Guacamole from Director PES http://www.eatpes.com/

  8. Rudyard Kipling’s “The Elephant’s Child” narrated by Jack Nicholson. Music by Bobby McFerrin. Grew up listening to these. They are brilliant. 

  9. Throwing spears with the Masai, chasing chickens, and drinking mimosas. Thank you Tanzania. 

  10. My man Bill Clinton came to Bogota, Colombia to learn about @starkeyhearing  And to spend Valentines day with me. #whataguy